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Cash for Cars Hervey Bay specializes in purchasing cars from the public. We travel all through Harvey bay to search late, new model and broken vehicles, making offers to them that they can’t resist. Providing them with easy car solution. What is our easy car solution?

Simple. Sell your car to us to earn cash up to $8999 or even more. Cherry on top, you neither have to pay for the car towing service nor you have to run errands in order to get the documentation done. Our team is here to assist you complete all the required matter.

All you have to do for cash for cars Harvey bay service

There is not much

you have to invest in rather than your energy to contact us. Our professional and experienced team will contact you to schedule a time for final car checkup to offer you a final quote.

Regardless of that,

if you name us the model of your vehicle when you contact us, you will be provided with an instant quote right that moment.


it is solely up to you if you like our offer you can accept us and ask us to start the car towing service. If you want same day car pickup, we will be more than happy to get you services that you wish.

We provide easy valuation of car and free car removal

With our online valuation tool, getting instant Cash for Cars Hervey Bay quotes to have become really easy. You can get a Quote of your vehicle any hour of the day and any day of the week.

With all the services included, you get absolutely free car removal with no hidden charges or whatsoever. Contact us today and sell your car for cash without any hassle.

Cash for Cars Hervey Bay


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